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Fun 'n Flirty excites us with products that embrace the importance of passion and fun in our lives. Enjoy the various ways Fun 'n Flirty human pheromone enhanced products entice your emotions with different textures and styles. Our signature products are created with human pheromones provided by scientists with the only patent in the world. Pheromones?... nature's own aphrodisiac! Those exciting little hormones that create the essence of sexual attraction. What could be better than adding a secret little edge to your love life with 'single use', pheromone enhanced thongs - enjoy them once and toss them away! They're disposable. Browse through our products and experience feeling sensual, fun 'n flirty all over again.

Mini Purse
Travel Pack
Flirty Feather Bag
Mini Purse Gift 2-Pack of Pheromone Enhaced Thongs Travel Pack G String Panties Pink Organza Gift Bag of 2 Pheromone Enhanced Thongs
Sensual Scents
Luxurious Bath Wraps
Aphrodisiac Cookbook
Sexy Candles: Arousal, All Nighter, Re-Bound, Chill Out Teryy Shower Wraps Intercourses Cookbook for a Sexy Woman!
Tushe TM The Booty Lift
Sexy Tank Tops
"Just in Case" Compact
Condom Holder
Sexy Tushe Sassy Signature Hat - Girls Baseball Cap Just In Case Every Girl Should Have Condom Holder
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